Pain Network

The APA Pain Network comprises physiotherapists who work across a broad spectrum of physiotherapy areas. The network provides a focus for physiotherapists to discuss contemporary pain science topics and develop evidence-based knowledge and skills to assist people with painful conditions. The Pain Network works with educational providers to enable high quality pain education in pre and post registration training and other professional development activities. The Pain Network communicates with international organisations to ensure APA members have a global perspective and that the excellent work of Australian clinicians and researchers in this field is disseminated.

Physiotherapists working in pain management settings require a psychologically informed approach to physiotherapy practice and the ability to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to patient management. Working with a team of health and social-care professionals is an effective way to manage persistent pain and the impact of pain on function. Physiotherapists working in other settings, including primary care, require sound reasoning skills to ensure that pain is well managed in the acute stage of an injury, including the identification of psychosocial risk factors that may lead to chronicity. Primary-care physiotherapists require up-to-date knowledge to ensure those patients who are presenting with an ongoing pain condition receive evidence-based care.

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