Cardiorespiratory Group

Cardiorespiratory physiotherapists work in many areas, such as hospitals (public and private), rehabilitation centres, community health centres, private practice and academic environments.

Furthermore, they practise in a diverse range of clinical areas:
- medical and surgical wards,
- high-dependency and intensive-care units,
- sleep medicine, cardiac and respiratory medicine,
- paediatrics and community health and outpatient services,
- pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation,
- home-based rehabilitation,
- research and education.

They are generally surrounded with many other allied health colleagues, doctors and nursing staff and as a result, offer holistic and patient-centric therapy.

Broadly speaking, cardiorespiratory physiotherapists work to improve quality of life, maximise independent function, assist with recovery after surgery, prescribe exercise to improve fitness and strength, educate people about their condition and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The cardiorespiratory group offers member events on many topics of interest, with experienced and insightful guest speakers.

Group membership also provides the opportunity to network with professionals and fellow peers.

Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy is not all sputum and deep breaths. So extensive is modern physiotherapy’s current knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the body that the field has become an important component of modern physiotherapy practices. We all know how a cardiorespiratory physiotherapist has touched someone in our lives.

Benefits of membership

• Access to quality professional development
• Discounted registration on professional development events
• Quarterly group e-news, including up to date information on cardiorespiratory physiotherapy issues and events
• Career pathway via the APA’s titling and specialisation process

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