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 December | Momentum to continue in 2018 (28/11/2017) 
   This year has been an incredibly busy one for the profession and the APA. It's late October as I write this piece, having just returned from...
 November | Insurers offer global perspective (25/10/2017) 
   Periodically the APA is required to test the market to ensure the services we are offering members represent best value...
 October | Your chance to make a difference (28/09/2017) 
   Driven by youthful enthusiasm and the desire to make a difference, it was in the early 1990s when I joined my first APA national group chapter...
 September | Promoting the value of physiotherapy in the community (28/08/2017) 
   In talking with members around the country, National President Phil Calvert, myself and other directors have noted an increasing concern around...
 August | Choose physio (2/08/2017) 
   A world-class conference contains a number of important things. This includes the opportunity to hear from leading researchers and clinicians, the ability to...
 July | Conference looks to the future (27/06/2017) 
   A world-class conference contains a number of important things. This includes the opportunity to hear from leading researchers and ...
 June | Collaborate on shaping our future (25/05/2017) 
   An effective strategic plan provides any organisation with a strong reference point and framework for achieving its goals. As...
 May | Advocacy requires a team effort (21/04/2017) 
   One of the key tasks of a professional membership organisation is advocacy. From a physiotherapy perspective, this takes many forms. One of our...
 April | Promoting our broader value (22/02/2017) 
   Over the next few months, the APA will have a regular dialogue and presence among key government representatives and officials, both at state level, and in Canberra.
 March | The challenge of effective governance (22/02/2017) 
   There has been much said in the media in relation to the concept of governance recently. It is a term that is often used broadly and generally, with varying levels of meaning and understanding...
 February | Recognising the value of physiotherapy (23/01/2017) 
   It is with great enthusiasm that I write to you on behalf of the Board of Directors of the APA, and welcome you to the first edition of In Motion for 2017..


 December | Leadership reflection (22/11/2016) 
   I have always found that one of the greatest pleasures in life is to serve. Whether it is in a family, club, entity, profession or community, service brings its own rewards. People who...
 November | Private health insurance review provides opportunities (24/10/2016) 
   As promised in the lead up to the last federal election, Commonwealth Health Minister Sussan Ley has convened a group of experts to review private health insurance (PHI) arrangements in Australia and provide advice around its future.
 October | How do you know if you’ve made a difference? (21/09/2016) 
   I know that the physiotherapy profession makes a big difference in the lives of the members of the community it serves. How do I know this? Is it because we are an evidence-based profession with a long history of making a difference in our patients’
 September | Do patients value physiotherapy? (23/08/2016) 
   Often as clinicians we value a good clinical outcome above all else. While we should always prioritise this highly, we should also consider the other aspects of care that are critical to delivering...
 August | The buds of reconciliation (21/07/2016) 
   Recently, I had the privilege of listening to Australian journalist Stan Grant and Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour speak at length about reconciliation....
 July | Do we want to lead? Are we ready? Let's go... (23/06/2016) 
   When we look back at the history of physiotherapy in Australia, we have had many great leaders. As a profession, we have also lead a large number of...
 June | Patient-centred care? At what cost? (20/05/2016) 
   The federal election is upon us. Everyone knows money is tight, and the government must continue to focus on making careful..
 May | Coalition of the willing (23/04/2016) 
   Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with Dwayne Crombie, Managing Director of Bupa's health insurance business. The reality is that physiotherapy is not really on his..
 April | Evidence, experience and expectation (21/03/2016) 
   Being a thought leader in the healthcare environment means you have to be bold. It means putting yourself forward in a public way, to influence an...
 March | Physiotherapy is not a luxury (5/02/2016) 
   The Australian government would be very short-sighted if it did not ensure access to physiotherapy for all Australians as part of its upcoming..
 February | A united approach (28/01/2016) 
   As we head into another year of ongoing government reviews and health system challenges, it’s important to keep sight of the..


 December | Roses, reflection and renewal (22/09/2015) 
   With physiotherapists being engaged in a wide variety of clinical areas, across multiple sectors of the Australian healthcare system, there are a myriad is complex issues affecting us.
 November | The value of membership (22/09/2015) 
   With physiotherapists being engaged in a wide variety of clinical areas, across multiple sectors of the Australian healthcare system, there are a myriad is complex issues affecting us.
 October | Effective regulation (22/09/2015) 
   With physiotherapists being engaged in a wide variety of clinical areas, across multiple sectors of the Australian healthcare system, there are a myriad is complex issues affecting us.
 September | An uncomfortable conversation (22/07/2015) 
   There has been a lot of recent commentary about racism in Australia, and its effect on sections of our community, in particular our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. Racism has no place in the APA.
 August | Joining the physiotherapy workforce (22/07/2015) 
   While there continue to be job vacancies in some areas, particularly in regional, rural and remote Australia, there are increasing numbers of physiotherapy graduates who report having difficulty finding their first job.
 July | Primary healthcare (17/06/2015) 
   APA National President Marcus Dripps has been appointed to the Primary Health Care Advisory Group.
 June | Partnering for the profession (1/06/2015) 
   Strong partnerships between professional associations in healthcare are important. Collectively, we are in the business of supporting our members to deliver the highest quality health outcomes to patients. This can be achieved through the sharing of
 May | The importance of advocacy (1/05/2015) 
   In the critical advocacy role that the APA plays there are always a number of issues that affect physiotherapists and their patients.
 April | Cultivating a culture of opportunity (1/04/2015) 
   How deeply does the ‘culture of opportunity’ exist in the DNA of the profession?
 March | Leadership moments (1/03/2015) 
   All physiotherapists are leaders in some way. Whether it is guiding a patient through the steps to recovery...
 February | Looking ahead (1/02/2015) 
   A new strategic plan, building on our pillars of success.


 December | Our international partners (1/12/2014) 
   With the APA’s goal to become a global leader in the promotion of the physiotherapy profession, I’d like to share some of our international activities over the last year.
 November | Speaking out (1/11/2014) 
   As highlighted in this issue of InMotion, Thursday 25 November is White Ribbon Day. While there are many ‘days’ throughout the year, as an ambassador for the White Ribbon Australia, this is one that I think is important to promote.
 October | Addressing a weighty issue (18/01/2016) 
   Physiotherapists play an important role across the lifespan and in many different healthcare settings. Our interactions with patients provide us with many opportunities to discuss health messages that may not be central to the purpose of the interact
 September | Shaping the future (1/09/2014) 
   I know that one of the best ways to get a physiotherapist’s eyes to glaze over may be to start talking about the strategic direction of the organisation and the profession, but I’m going to take a risk and do so anyway.
 August | Tradies Health Month (1/08/2014) 
   Tradies National Health Month is in its second year, with the profile of physiotherapy in the management of the health of Tradies around the country firmly in the spotlight.
 July | Examining the details (1/07/2014) 
   In many clinical areas of physiotherapy the difference between adequate care and great care is attention to detail.
 June | Reflection and reformation (1/06/2014) 
   The recent federal budget gives us cause to reflect on many aspects of health funding and policy.
 May | Prescribing a better future (1/05/2014) 
   The recent Last year, UK physiotherapists gained the right to prescribe medications to patients. There have been several projects in developing this over many years in the UK, but this decision was considered a milestone.
 April | United focus for 2014 (1/04/2014) 
   Firstly, let me take this opportunity to say what an amazing privilege it is to be elected a National Vice President of the APA. This is a period of significant positive change.
 March | Lending your voice to physio promotion (1/03/2014) 
   One of the key pillars of the APA Strategic Plan 2012-2014 is Member Voice, to ensure the APA is influential with key health and policy decision makers in Australia and around the world.
 February | Is it better to stand alone, or with your allies? (1/02/2014) 
   Physiotherapy is a unique profession. We have a strong history and tradition of utilising a range of interventions to address injury, pain, and neuromuscular disorders.


 December | A moment to reflect (1/12/2013) 
   As 2013 draws to a close it is tempting to reflect on the year that has gone.
 November | Maintaining our reputation on a global scale (1/11/2013) 
   There is no better indication that we live in a global healthcare community than the fact that we had delegates from 25 different countries attend the recent APA Conference in Melbourne.
 October | Getting back to the heart of it all (1/10/2013) 
   There are many things the APA does which are of great value to members. There was the recent announcement of an APA professional indemnity insurance offering (covered more in depth in this issue of InMotion).
 September | Strategy for change (1/09/2013) 
   Throughout 2013, the APA has focused on showcasing physiotherapy to consumers and the broader community.
 August | The movement (1/08/2013) 
   In his 1944 play The Glass Menagerie, America’s most famous playwright Tennessee Williams states: ‘People go to the movies instead of moving.
 July | The practice of letting go (1/07/2013) 
   It is interesting to look at the influences that have changed physiotherapy practice over the course of time. While over the years there are some aspects that have remained unchanged, there are others that are almost unrecognisable.
 June | Repaying trust with care (1/06/2013) 
   In discussion with the CEO of a major regional health service recently, a comment he made grabbed my attention.
 May | Does quality matter? (1/05/2013) 
   If you ask any physiotherapist about the outcomes of their care, they will undoubtedly tell you that most of their treatments are effective and patients are satisfied.
 April | Keeping it contemporary (1/04/2013) 
   Many people’s eyes glaze over when I use the term ‘constitution review’. Even the most passionate and engaged members of the APA can find this topic dry and legalistic.
 March | Evidence-based advocacy (1/03/2013) 
   The APA is determined to advocate for funding to be made available for physiotherapy services in order to address conditions where there is: a demonstrable burden of disease; effectiveness of physiotherapy management; and cost effectiveness of our pr
 February | Raising our Voice (1/02/2013) 
   It is an enormous honour to have been elected National President of the Australian Physiotherapy Association for 2013–14.

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