The APA is committed to implementing the highest standards of corporate governance. Our governance practices have been reviewed against the ‘Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations’ as published by the Australian Stock Exchange.

The APA is governed by a Board of up to nine Directors, of whom seven must be financial members of the APA, and up to two may be external, non-physiotherapist Directors. Board members are elected by the National Advisory Council (NAC).

The APA Board of Directors receives policy recommendations from the NAC. All APA Branches and National Groups nominate a representative to the NAC. Other nominees to the NAC include representatives of the APA student group, the rural and remote membership base, and the Australian College of Physiotherapists.

The Constitution

Our Constitution is the document that determines the way the APA operates.

The APA is committed to the continual development of a flexible and agile culture, with effective structures, systems and processes to help us achieve our vision. 

The APA Code of Conduct

Physiotherapists who are members of the APA must uphold the APA Code of Conduct. All four principles and five values in the APA Code of Conduct are binding on all APA members. Where guidance points use the term ‘members’ this means the guidance applies to all three types of APA members: physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and physiotherapy assistants. Where the guidance material applies uniquely to physiotherapists, this is clearly indicated.

APA members can access APA Code of Conduct resources here.

The Strategic Plan

The APA Strategic Plan outlines the broad APA objectives supported by key strategies, and expands on how the organisation will achieve its vision.

You can view the 2015-17 strategic plan here.

The APA Board Charter

The purpose of the APA Board Charter is to specify how the APA is governed to promote the APA and protect the interests of the members, employees and communities in which the APA operates.

Annual Reports

The APA remains focused on the needs of our members—value, knowledge, voice—we continued to re-build the APA into a member-centric organisation.

Download the 2017 Annual Report.

Download the 2016 Annual Report.

Download the 2015 Annual Report.

Download the 2014 Annual Report.

Download the 2013 Annual Report.

Download the 2012 Annual Report.

Download the 2011 Annual Report.

APA Regulations

APA regulations cover the roles, responsibilities and procedures of all APA entities. Read or download the documents:

Australian College of Physiotherapists regulations

Branch regulations

Complaints management and disciplinary hearing procedures – NPSP procedures manual

Meeting regulations

National Advisory Council regulations

National Group regulations

National Professional Standards Panel regulations

Office Bearer regulations


For APA Committee Members

For all you need to know to participate on an APA Committee, download the APA Committee Member Handbook.