See the Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists around Australia and internationally. Click through to the Specialists who feature on Find A Physio.

Mr Jac Cousin Mrs Jenny McConnell Mr David Brentnall   Dr Mary Magarey Mr Andrew Dalwood Dr Darren Beales Mr Martin Rabey (Guernsey UK)
Dr Robert Boland Mr Andrew Connell   Mr Peter Roberts   Ms Helen Fleming Mr Doug Cary
Dr Helen Clare Dr Kerrie Evans   Assoc. Prof. Patricia Trott   Mr Alastair Flett Dr Peter Fazey
Dr Trudy Rebbeck Prof. Gwendolen Jull Mr Chistopher Barrett
  Mr David Francis Mr Mark Gibson  
Mr Michael Ryan Mrs Sussanah Kelley       Mr Jayce Gilbert Dr Toby Hall  
Mr Tamer Sabet Mr Cameron Lawson       Ms Jennifer Hynes Mr Tim Mitchell  
Mr Greg Schneider Ms Mary-ann Litchfield       Mr Robert Laird Mrs Michelle Du Plessis  
Dr Debra Shirley Mr Rod McLean     Mr Ken Niere Professor Peter O'Sullivan
Mr Michael Ward Mr Tony McNamee     Ms Kathleen Philip Ms Helen Potter
Ms Natalie Pulsford
Dr Shaun O'Leary   Dr Peter Selveratnam Ms Elizabeth Pyne
Ms Nicola Hutchinson
Mr Steven Purcell   Mr Vaidas Stalioraitis Mr Michael Sharp
Ms Roxanne Azoory Mr Quentin Scott     Dr Max Lim Mr Kim Robinson
Ms Zhiqui Liang Dr Kevin Sims         Mr Glenn Ruscoe
Mr Andrew Webster Mr Patrick Swete Kelly         Dr Helen Slater
Ms Rebecca Tweedy         Mr Chistopher Barrett
Ms Erica Williams         Mr Neil Bowler
Mr Thomas McMillan         Mr Kieran Richardson  
Mr Jesse Pesu         Mr Sam Abbaszadeh
Mr Ian Seels