Sports Physiotherapy Level 2

Course: Sports Physiotherapy Level 2

This course is appropriate for AHPRA registered physiotherapists only*

Improving on your knowledge and clinical reasoning gained from our level 1 course, this course is designed to give physiotherapists sound knowledge of the anatomy, biomechanics and pathology of injuries to common body areas and across different sports.

 Topics covered include hip and groin, elbow wrist and hand injuries, foot pain and tendon pain. The Sports Level 2 course is aimed at physiotherapists with a minimum of three years clinical experience, including some in the field of Sports Physiotherapy. Advanced clinical reasoning and assessment of sporting injuries are addressed, with a strong practical component included. Return to sport programs, tendon overuse injuries and adolescent pathologies will all be covered. Participants must have a minimum of 12 months clinical experience between completion of the Sports Level 1 course and commencement of the Sports Level 2 course. 

This course is a mandatory part of the experiential titling pathway in Sports Physiotherapy.

This course will cover:

• Lifespan of Athletes: participants should be able to demonstrate an understanding of important factors and relevant ‘not to be missed’ issues for to different populations (youth, adolescent, female, pregnant and elderly)

• Groin, Hip and Pelvis: participants should be able to demonstrate the ability to assess, differentially diagnose and plan for early management of common problems of the hip, groin and pelvis. Also participants should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the ‘not to be missed’ pathologies associated with the hip, groin and pelvis

• Muscle injuries: participants should be able to demonstrate an understanding of management of acute muscle injuries and also an understanding of evidence based principles of rehabilitation and prevention of risk of further injury

• Tendon: Participants should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the tendon pathology continuum and the appropriate physiotherapy and pharmacological management of tendons throughout this continuum and applied to a variety of sporting situations

• Foot injuries: Participants should be able to demonstrate a knowledge of common foot injuries in the athlete, along with appropriate subjective examination findings, objective tests and management for these conditions

• Shoulder: Participants should be able to demonstrate a knowledge of presenting patterns for shoulder pathologies in the sporting populations. In addition, they should demonstrate a knowledge of testing to confirm these diagnoses and appropriate soft tissue and rehabilitation models. They should also be able to demonstrate a knowledge of rehabilitation principles following common shoulder surgeries

• Case studies: Participants should have a greater understanding of how to apply clinical reasoning to sports injuries taking into account the context for these injuries such as age, gender, sport, biomechanical considerations and other considerations

• Wrist and Hand: Participants should be able to demonstrate an understanding of assessment and treatment of common wrist and hand conditions in the sporting population, including particular focus on conditions which require specific and semi-urgent or urgent management

• Advanced knee assessment and rehabilitation: participants should demonstrate an understanding of subjective and objective features of common acute and overuse knee injuries. Principles of rehabilitation of these conditions should be demonstrated

• Elbow: Participants should demonstrate understanding of common sporting elbow conditions. Relationship of these conditions within the kinetic chain should be appreciated

*If unsure of your suitability, please email 

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Date Friday 13 - Sunday 15 July 2018


Day 1: 8am – 6pm (approx)

Day 2: 8am – 6pm (approx)

Day 3: 8am – 6pm (approx.)

Registrations close Sunday 1 July 2018

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13/07/2018 - 15/07/2018
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Friday, 13 July 2018

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