Masterclass Symposium

Masterclass Symposium

Complex cases - integrative / imaginative/ creative / expert solutions

Australian Specialist Physiotherapy Education, in association with The Australian College of Physiotherapists are proud to present a Masterclass Symposium. This is a unique opportunity for titled and experienced physiotherapists to hear Specialist Physiotherapists with university research and education appointments, discuss “clinical challenges” from their area of expertise.


Complex cases will be presented in an interactive manner, focussing on the clinical reasoning process.


Presentations will use a variety of formats, aiming to engage the participants in clinical discussion.

There will be ample time for questions and participation in panel discussions.


It should prove to be informative, entertaining and a must attend networking event. At the conclusion of the presentations, there will be a chance to meet and chat with the specialists over drinks and canapés.


Featuring presenters


Dr Rob Boland

What if the problem is not mechanical?

Dr Max Lim

Complex neck pain and headaches

Dr Mary Magarey

Refining and retaining the fundamentals of assessment

Dr Andrea Mosler

Long-standing groin pain

Dr Trudy Rebbeck

High risk and complex whiplash – our integrative role works!

David Brentnall

Chronic / persistent lower back pain

Jane Rooney

ACL injuries - The Scandinavian Way

Ian Seels

Management of a patient with persistent traumatic ankle pain

Michael Ryan

The Australian College of Physiotherapists and the Career Pathway

Professor Barby Singer

The ACP Specialisation Training Program




Hannah Graetz

Anal incontinence in the childbearing year

Simon Olivotto

Axio-scapular Motor Control ImpairmentIn a Patient with 6 year History of Neck and Thoracic Pain.

Alisa McLachlan

Applying the pain and movement reasoning model to a patient with Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome, back and ankle pain

Cost $450.00

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28/07/2018 - 28/07/2018
Grace Hotel
77 York Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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