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TAC to launch new payment system for healthcare providers

1 June 2017

Victoria’s Transport Accident Commission (TAC) is preparing to launch a new payment system that will deliver rapid payments to healthcare providers. Providers will soon be able to process TAC payments through Lantern Pay, an online platform backed by Westpac Banking Corporation. The TAC is partnering with Lantern Pay to streamline and modernise the way it pays thousands of Victorian healthcare providers.

By submitting an invoice for TAC services through the Lantern Pay platform, a provider can view payment decisions immediately and will receive approved payments the next business day—similar to that of major private health insurance schemes. The platform is accessible via a web browser, with no need for a terminal or other device. Lantern Pay is also in negotiations to integrate the platform with the healthcare industry’s most widely-used patient management systems.

The Lantern Pay platform dramatically shifts how the TAC will pay providers—from a paper-based process to a digital transaction. Providers can easily confirm patient eligibility with up-to-date information. Automated paperless invoicing will save time and resources, with less effort needed for reworking of accounts and resolving billing issues. The TAC’s agreement with Lantern Pay is one initiative of TAC 2020, a five-year strategy to reduce road trauma and provide world-leading care for people hurt in road accidents.

TAC CEO Joe Calafiore says the strategy’s success will be assessed in part on measures to improve client health outcomes.

‘It’s about putting the highest-possible value on human life, and saying we must do everything we can to keep Victorians safe and help those hurt on the roads,’ Joe says. ‘A simplification of the claims and reimbursement process will give assurance to providers that approval is there and they will be paid promptly. These changes will make it easier for medical professionals to help our clients recover and get their lives back on track.’

A paper-based payment system will still be available, but the TAC expects the speed of the Lantern Pay platform to be a more attractive payment option for eligible providers. The TAC is also working to strengthen ties with the physiotherapy community, and recently started discussions with the APA on a review of physiotherapy service offerings and fee structure for TAC clients.

Other TAC initiatives with the health sector include new partnerships across the trauma system to create a seamless claim lodgement experience for people hurt on our roads. The TAC will be rolling out additional changes in the coming year to support the TAC 2020 Strategy, including an online app for TAC clients and a program to give healthcare professionals greater autonomy to determine treatments for clients.

‘There is a lot of change happening and we continue to work closely with the health sector to refine the way we will be doing things,’ Joe says. ‘TAC 2020 is an ambitious strategy but Victorians don’t deserve second best, especially when it comes to their safety and their recovery after an accident.'

Click here for more information on the Lantern Pay platform and to register your interest.


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