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What's on the horizon for physiotherapy?

Rahul Madan
7 December 2016

It’s an exciting time for physiotherapy. With all the support, initiative and hard work of its members, the APA is able to grow the profession and achieve substantial gains for its members. The APA is lobbying for prescribing rights and there is continuous effort and support for physiotherapists to excel in extended scope roles. The APA has been instrumental in raising the profile of physiotherapists among consumers, who are more aware of what physiotherapists can offer and so choose physiotherapy for treatment.

The APA has been emphatic in its support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health by recognising the health needs of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and encouraging physiotherapy students to have cultural knowledge and clinical placements to increase their knowledge and skills in building rapport and interacting with community members.

The WA Branch’s actions are underpinned by the four strategic pillars—Quality, Voice, Community and Capability. The APA WA Branch has organised 32 courses, 39 lectures, 1 symposium, 2 workshops, 1 Launch Your Career event and 1 branch dinner for this year. Due to the value-added benefits and strong APA advocacy, the membership has increased to 2987 in WA and to 23 153 nationally. There is ongoing work being done to promote the physiotherapy brand and its awareness among consumers.

In summary, we are a part of a growing profession and due to the collaborative efforts of all of our members in academia, private, public and not-for-profit sectors, we have made great strides. The future looks bright and with the ongoing support from all APA members, management and the APA Board, the relentless focus will deliver tangible results for our aspirations in the time to come.

I thank you all for your dedication and invite you all to keep working together to engage consumer awareness and knowledge in your interactions.


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