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WA Branch dinner explores connective tissue injuries

Tim Barnwell
7 December 2016

Dr Dale Edgar and Dr Peter Malliaras, APAM, gave everyone who attended valuable insight into how we must think about treating two injuries associated with connective tissue.

Dale started the evening by providing his perspective on the treatment of burns injury and how physiotherapy plays a vital role in enabling someone who has suffered a burn injury to not only survive but live life after a significant injury. His key message being exercise and muscle strengthening are critical to reduced scarring and good recovery.

Following dinner, Peter outlined his views on the current management of tendinopathy and offered some different perspectives; particularly, the involvement of pain in tendinopathy and how we should manage this from a physiotherapy point of view.

One of Peter’s significant messages is that we shouldn’t be afraid of pain but rather educate our patients on the need for appropriate graded exercise to reduce a painful stimulus.

As always, the annual dinner allowed APA members to catch up with colleagues, network, discuss and enjoy a meal while learning some valuable insights into some varied aspects of physiotherapy.

Thanks to our sponsors, Asics and Skins, who provided four great lucky door prizes. Also, thanks to all those in the branch office for their organisational efforts; we look forward to another dinner in 2017.


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