The APA commissioned artist Aurora Abraham to produce a reflective art work that signifies the journey we are on to provide equality and equity for all Australians. Recognition is the outstanding result.


The Story

Artist: Aurora Abraham (AUWA)

1983 –

Whadjuk Noongar Traditional Owner

Perth Western Australia

Acrylic on canvas 1.5m x 1m


The background is painted with the two different shades of brown to represent the natural earth colours of our land. The circle of large coloured dots in the centre of the artwork represent all the cultures within our world and how we can all come together as different people in Unity. The black dots represent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The snakes and lizards represent the people. The ones painted white, yellow, orange and red symbolise the most noticed or visible people within our society, the powerful, rich and famous, for example. The ones painted white, yellow, yellow ochre and orange symbolise average, everyday, ordinary people in our society. Finally, the ones painted with a dark brown outline are not so popular or go unnoticed, including many Aboriginal people, homeless people, disabled people or more disadvantaged people within our society.

The black dots coming from the centre circle represent how people come here from all over the world, the blue colour outlining them represents the water or sea that surrounds our countries, and the green colour outline represents the trees and plants on the lands in which we live.

The numerous large and small dots throughout the painting in orange, yellow ochre and yellow are to symbolise the many people within our world from all over the world.


No matter which colour, no matter which culture,

no matter which race, no matter how wealthy,

no matter which country, we all should be recognised equally.



How you can get involved?

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