Australians celebrate healthy ageing on World Physiotherapy Day – 8 September 2016

06 September 2016


More Australians aged over 65 years are affected by common and critical diseases like osteoarthritis, heart disease, cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) President, Marcus Dripps, said today.

Australians and their physiotherapists have joined a global ‘Add Life to Years’ campaign, supported by the APA, through sharing photographs of how they are ‘adding life to years’ across social media to promote the widespread health outcomes of physiotherapy for an ageing population, he said.

“Countless Australians have thrown their support behind World Physiotherapy Day this Thursday 8 September to highlight the need for more Australians to access physiotherapy to improve quality of life among older Australians and prevent and manage diseases,” Mr Dripps said.

“The health of older Australians is one of the most important social, medical and economic challenges facing Australia, and physiotherapy is a vital part of the solution.

“Sadly, many people at risk of or living with these conditions miss out on accessing the full potential of physiotherapy – it’s vital all Australians have access to this evidence-based care to help keep us healthy, active and independent so that we can enjoy every stage of our lives.

“Backed by evidence-based research, physiotherapy has been shown to help prevent and manage common ageing conditions such as falls and injuries in older Australians, incontinence, heart disease, and osteoarthritis – the leading cause of musculoskeletal pain and disability in Australia.”

ABS data shows more than half of all people aged 65 years and over had a form of disability lasting at least six months and which restricted everyday activities.

One of Australia's greatest long-distance runners, Steve Moneghetti, has joined the APA in celebrating World Physiotherapy Day this year as he has relied on physiotherapy to support his career and his health.

“I’ve seen the difference physiotherapists can make – not only while I was training as an elite athlete, but even today in helping me to maintain a functioning, strong and healthy body,” Mr Moneghetti said.

“While I’ve always been fit and healthy, physiotherapy has certainly helped me prevent and recover from injuries quickly.

“I’m proud to say physiotherapy has literally added life to years for me”.

Images tagged on social media with #addlifetoyears will be collated as a mosaic and shared in various channels to promote the message to all Australians. Steve Moneghetti and APA President Marcus Dripps are available for interviews and photo opportunities for World Physiotherapy Day on 8 September.


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