Revised HICAPS Quick Reference Guide for Physiotherapists

17 April 2015

On 30 March 2015, the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) emailed members the new HICAPS physiotherapy codes, which came into effect 1 April 2015.

Unfortunately, there was an error on the HICAPS Quick Reference Guide for Physiotherapists in that items 560 to 596 on the Guide were categorised under the heading ‘Home’.

You can find a copy of the corrected item codes on the APA website under Resources > General Resources, HICAPS Quick Reference Guide for Physiotherapists.

All the codes under the ‘Other’ heading can be used in any setting: the physiotherapy practice, hospital or home although most of the item codes are relevant to the private practice physiotherapy setting.

The HICAPS review has taken place over the past two years. In that time, the APA has consulted with APA special interest groups, the National Advisory Council (NAC), as well as Private Healthcare Australia (PHA) and the major health insurers. The APA consulted with the health funds on the coding and descriptor names.

It is important for members to be aware that private health insurance rebates to patients are commercial decisions made by individual health funds and not part of this process.

HICAPS Terminal Problems

If your HICAPS terminal was not automatically updated or you are experiencing any technical difficulties with your terminal, please contact the HICAPS Helpdesk on 1300 650 852.


We have received many common questions since the new physiotherapy codes came into effect. You can find the answers to commonly asked questions here.

If you are searching for a definition of each item descriptor, for example definitions of ‘group’ and ‘class’, you can find definitions for each item code here.

If you have any questions about the background to this HICAPS review, the definitions for each item code or how to correctly code items, you can contact the APA Member Service Centre on (03) 9092 0888.

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