The Redfern Statement

As a peak body, the APA has a responsibility to contribute to discussions on Australia’s health, and to lead the profession on social justice and equity issues. Accordingly, the APA is a committed member of the Close The Gap (CTG) Campaign Steering Committee, and we stand behind the peak Aboriginal organisations that lead the efforts of the committee.

This year the CTG campaign has developed the Redfern Statement which was released to commemorate Prime Minister Paul Keating’s speech in 1992 about the disadvantage faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples and the responsibility of all Australians to address this disadvantage. The Redfern Statement is an urgent call for government action for meaningful engagement to address issues in health, justice, violence, early childhood safety and wellbeing and disability for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Read the statement here.

Close the Gap

Close the Gap Day is taking place on 16 March 2017. The APA supports the Close the Gap campaign and calls on all Australians to recommit to a long-term vision for health equality. We are also calling on governments to commit to a long-term multi-party focus on health equality, to adequate resourcing for health and to genuine partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations. 

Find out more about Close the Gap Day and how to get involved.

APA Reconciliation Action Plan

The APA will launch the second iteration of its Reconciliation Action Plan at the Momentum Physiotherapy conference in Sydney on 19 October 2017. Development of the Plan has been led by the APA’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Committee, and will set out the organisations strategies and policies for more meaningful engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and Health matters.