Gerontology Group

The gerontology group is open to all members with an interest working with older people in a variety of settings. Generally, gerontology covers a wide spectrum of physiotherapy treatments that are specifically related to ageing.

Gerontological physiotherapists therefore aim to
- promote healthy and active ageing;
- maximise quality of life and mobility;
- improve vitality, strength, fitness and balance;
- prevent and educate in chronic disease management;
- assist with pain management;
- actively facilitate exercise participation;
- assess and treat various conditions (including arthritis, hip fracture, Parkinson’s disease and stroke);
- and rehabilitate mobility and function after illness or surgery.

Gerontological physiotherapists work and participate in diverse settings including, acute care hospitals, community and home-based programs, residential aged care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, hydrotherapy pools, and falls and balance clinics.

Furthermore, gerontology physiotherapists also contribute to the research and education sector, as well as carry out significant work in many rural and remote areas.

Areas in gerontology consist of palliative care, vestibular rehabilitation, continence management, lymphoedema management, falls prevention, and hydrotherapy.

The gerontology group aims to help its members in many ways, including the organisation of events with insightful guest speakers, and the ongoing opportunity to network with peers and professionals.

Benefits of membership

- Quarterly e-news to keep you up-to-date with the latest news from the group
- Attend Gerontology Group professional development activities at the group rate
- Career pathway opportunities in gerontology physiotherapy health via the APA’s titling and specialisation process.

To join, or for more information, contact the APA on 1300 306 622 or