Animal Group

The APA animal group supports physiotherapists interested in the management of animals through physiotherapy.

The Australian Companion Animal Council reports that there are an estimated 33 million pets in Australia living in eight million households  and that Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world.

With advances in, and increased spending on, veterinary medicine, the lifespan of the dog is anticipated to lengthen, increasing the number of elderly pets who are likely to require ongoing care. It is therefore anticipated that the demand for complementary medicines for pets will become more mainstream in the next five years.

Many physiotherapists who treat animals work closely with veterinarians in general practice, are positioned in veterinary specialist centres for small animals, or practice at the racetrack or competition venues in the equine industry.

The animal group provides regular professional development events around the country and produces programs for the APA conference involving highly experienced veterinarians and physiotherapists working in the field.

The animal group  is a member of the International Association of Physical Therapists in Animal Practice, sub-group of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy. This affiliation provides international support and networking for our members.

Important information for members of APA Animal National Group: The animal group offers member events on many topics of interest, with experienced and insightful guest speakers. Group membership also provides the opportunity to network with professionals and peers.

To join, or for more information, contact the APA on 1300 306 622 or