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Promoting our broader value

Over the next few months, the APA will have a regular dialogue and presence among key government representatives and officials, both at state level, and in Canberra.


One of our key messages is how a physiotherapist, or physiotherapy service, has significant potential to ease the burden on our system. The benefits to the patient and the broader system, when innovation is embraced, and, as a profession, we work at the top of our scope of practice, cannot be underestimated.


Working to the top of our scope also means we use resources wisely and have a focus on quality of care. This is a defining aspect of physiotherapy in Australia—we genuinely desire to contribute to the overall efficiency and outcomes of our health environment. This wise use of resources is what makes the value-proposition of physiotherapy compelling.


In March this year, we launched our scope of practice resources. These resources are designed to help members reflect on their practice, their scope and their career planning.


From regular feedback, the tool that was required was a dynamic and easy-toaccess source of information on what scope of practice is and how to conceptualise it.

The resources are part of a range of tools that we regularly review, as one of our key roles is to make sure members have access to the resources they need to support their practice. Importantly, this initiative has been driven by our members, and for our members.


It is easy, in my busy working day, to focus on the individual impacts of thinking about scope of practice. Whether that be the level of competence I need to achieve, the training I undertake, or, indeed, the workplace safeguards that exist where I practice. In my role as your National President, I also reflect on the broader context—the way in which physiotherapists look to make a meaningful impact on the entire system in which we work. The health system is under constant strain and pressure. Competition for resources and funding are significant. This is unlikely to get better on its own.


That will be at the core of what we will be promoting —that physiotherapy is valuable, and that it needs to be recognised and rewarded for its value.


APA National President


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