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Your chance to make a difference

Driven by youthful enthusiasm and the desire to make a difference, it was in the early 1990s when I joined my first APA national group chapter committee. I became president of the Sports Physiotherapy Group (as it was called back then), and I also joined one of the first committees for the Physiotherapy Research Foundation. My work with the various APA national bodies then slowed down as I started having children and became busy building up my business. Fast forward a few decades and I’ve come full circle, once again in a position to be able to give back to the profession.


I tell you this because no matter what point you are at in your career, there are avenues for you to make a difference to the profession by taking on an APA leadership role. It takes everyone—at all of the different stages of their career—to contribute and make our leadership vehicles more robust and forward-thinking as we incorporate a broad range of perspectives. Members who contribute their time, energy, knowledge, experience and passion are the lifeblood of the Association.


Devoting some of your time to give back to the profession in a meaningful way is a worthy investment that offers opportunities to share your knowledge to improve the profession, to network with peers and those outside your immediate area of clinical expertise, to develop a greater understanding of issues impacting our profession, and to contribute to the advocacy efforts to drive physiotherapy forward.

The levels of commitment required are varied, which open up opportunities for those who can contribute a few hours a week through to those who can contribute more. It’s never been a better time to think about what you might be able to offer your Association, and at what stage of your career you might be able to do that. This month a call for nominations for several positions on various APA local and national bodies will go out, and now is the right time to express your interest in advancing our profession through the many exciting developments underway and to meet the challenges that lay ahead.


I believe our profession and, to a certain extent the APA, is only as good as its members. Having that member perspective reflected on your Association’s governance bodies is crucial; most of the committees are crying out for younger people with enthusiasm and new ideas to step up and propel the profession forward. To those young people, I would say this— if you want to shape our profession into the future then you need to be a part of this journey.


A call for nominations for the positions to become vacant will go out this month, and nominations are expected to close on 8 November. To express your interest or to find out more, check the APA website for details.

Jenny Alken, APAM

APA National Vice President


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