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Insurers offer global perspective

Periodically the APA is required to test the market to ensure the services we are offering members represent best value and, importantly, that they contain the framework to drive knowledge and educational platforms forward. But there is also strategic analysis required as part of that due diligence process.


Thus the transition of the Member Insurance Program broker to innovative insurance firm BMS from 1 January 2018 will satisfy all of those requirements; the appointment means members will get more through extended service offerings, and it will allow access to a range of evidence-based risk management resources.


BMS was founded in Canada and, through its Australian and Canadian teams, provides coverage to more than 400 000 healthcare and regulated professionals in more than 60 associations. Numbered among those represented are more than 12 000 members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA). The new agreement means there will be a greater synergy between the APA and the CPA, allowing us to work together through BMS to analyse claims, evaluate data and determine emerging trends in both markets. The collaboration will lead to deep discussions on ways to create strategies to reduce practice risk and to enhance the value for members.

Formal objectives will be set and BMS will work closely with both associations to achieve best results as well as continue to align and improve each of the programs independently and collectively, such as through the development of an aligned risk management strategy. Long-term this could expand to other physiotherapy associations globally, as BMS are in talks with member organisations in other regions including the US, UK, and India, as well as right on our doorstep in New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region.


Being part of such a dynamic group means increased leverage to provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective program for members. This will be coupled with unprecedented access to better data and risk management resources, offering members unique insight into what is happening in the insurance landscape on a global level.


BMS will also work with strategic partners such as legal professionals and, in conjunction with the APA, develop a range of engaging and educational materials to enable a better understanding of risk management and patient safety guidelines. This data-driven material will help reduce risk by affording members a helicopter view of emerging trends both here and abroad. The APA has negotiated with BMS to provide insurance services that are better matched to the needs of the association and physiotherapists specifically—we expect this will result in significant benefits for members.


Phil Calvert, APAM

APA National President


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