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Collaborate on shaping our future

An effective strategic plan provides any organisation with a strong reference point and framework for achieving its goals. As we are in the final year of our current strategic plan, work has begun in earnest to deliver a meaningful, ambitious and inspiring plan for the future.


Our strategic planning cycle allows us to analyse the internal and external environment, capitalise on our strengths and position the organisation and the profession for the challenges ahead. Our current plan, with the three recognised pillars of quality, voice and community, underpinned by strengthening our capability, has served us well.


But what will feature in our next plan? A focus on key emerging issues including the role of technology and digital health and the importance of effective communication and promotion to consumers and funders will be critical. A commitment to ongoing advocacy to improve the opportunities for our members and the profession to have a greater positive influence in the lives of our patients is important at both state and federal level. And continuing to provide a contemporary suite of services that allow our members to develop their practice and services effectively will be a cornerstone. We need your informed view on these types of issues.

Previously we have operated within the framework of a time limited, three-year strategic plan. It is clear from the increasingly rapid nature of changes in the external environment that this type of approach may be limiting.


One of the considerations of the Board will be the potential for a ‘rolling’ strategic plan that allows for more regular review and modification, in response to changes in the external landscape. Our ability to be more responsive is an imperative–and it is exciting.


The APA strategic plan belongs to members, staff and other stakeholders of physiotherapy, including consumers. To develop and deliver an innovative strategic plan that continues to position the APA firmly as a leader among health organisations is an important responsibility of the APA Board of Directors. On behalf of the Board, I would greatly value your thoughts and feedback.


Phil Calvert, APAM

APA National President


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