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Roses, reflection and renewal 
Marcus Dripps

As often occurs at this time of year, it seems while looking back that time has been compressed. ‘Where did 2015 go?’ ‘I can't believe it's nearly Christmas.’ ‘2016 is just around the corner.’

Whether it's been a great year or a challenging one (or perhaps a little of both), December is a time when we can sometimes pause and take stock. In today's modern fast-paced world, we sometimes neglect to ‘stop and smell the roses’. To reflect on what has been achieved, and plan for what's ahead.

It's also often a time that we get to take a break with family, to recharge the batteries, and invest in a little personal renewal.

So I'd like to reflect on a few recent achievements of the APA, and look to what that means for our future.

The APA is in a strong financial position, to an unprecedented degree. Over the last several years we have reshaped the underlying business model of the APA. In 2015, for the first time in more than a decade, we are debt free. Membership fees have been held steady for three years. The cost of joining national groups has decreased. We have a strong balance sheet. In 2015 we have more than 19 000 members.

These are not outcomes in their own right, but enablers to achieve better outcomes for members and the broader physiotherapy profession.

In 2016, and beyond, we will need to increase our investment in technology to deliver better services to members, and information to the community about the benefits of physiotherapy. We need to continue to work on strengthening our collective voice, to influence decision makers in health. We need to continue to research and gather evidence to present a compelling story about the benefits and cost-effectiveness of our services. We need to continue to ensure that the services we deliver are of a consistent high quality.

So, I encourage you all to take a moment this festive season to stop and smell the roses. To reflect on what has worked well for you, and what can be improved in 2016 and beyond. And to ensure you're investing in some personal renewal, so that you can continue to positively affect the health, wellbeing and participation of your patients in 2016 and beyond.

APA National President

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