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Keeping it contemporary
Marcus Dripps

Many people’s eyes glaze over when I use the term ‘constitution review’. Even the most passionate and engaged members of the APA can find this topic dry and legalistic.

In a way, it is completely understandable. Even I might have been guilty of the same response in the past … that is, for other organisations; not the APA!

So I am sure that it will please you all greatly to hear that the review process for the APA constitution is nearing its end, with the most important element of all quickly approaching. At the Association’s Annual General Meeting on 14 April, members will have the chance to vote on the adoption of a new constitution for the APA as recommended by the board.

Many of the amendments to the constitution are primarily aimed at ‘keeping it contemporary’. There are also some key changes for which we are seeking your support.

One of the key, underlying principles among the amendments proposed is to give a greater pool of members the chance to nominate as Directors of the APA, and to give a greater number of members the opportunity to vote in the election of the Board. These changes are proposed to ensure that we are able to take advantage of the skills, passion and expertise of our members. As with any board, we need to be able to balance the need to keep required skills and experience at the table, with an ongoing mindset to introduce new ideas and ways of thinking. We believe that the proposed amendments about eligibility and terms suitably achieve this balance.

There are also some proposed changes to the structure of an AGM, to allow future meetings to run as smoothly as possible (for example, by changing the quorum definition).

Another key change proposed is the right of the members to remove the Board of Directors. While it is difficult to foresee a set of circumstances where this may arise, we believe it is an important right for members of any association.

If you are unable to attend the AGM in April, you can still have your voice heard by nominating a proxy to vote for you at the meeting.

I look forward to seeing you at an APA event soon.

APA National President

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