APA Physios in the media - 2015

APA Physiotherapists are highly sought-after experts in their field. Below are media clips featuring commentary from our members.


Boom jobs

7 News Sydney Online30 December 2015

Physio industry builds social media muscle

NAB Business Research and Insights Online22 December 2015

Physiotherapy's best supporting role

Health Times Online  11 December 2015

Physiotherapists trial telehealth for knee osteoarthritis

Health Times Online  7 December 2015


New research shows aqua-aerobics is safe in pregnancy

Health Times Online  17 November 2015

You're probably walking all wrong. Here's how to fix it

Ninemsn Coach Online  16 November 2015

Physiotherapists and the new life they gave Gill Hicks

Health Times Online  6 November 2015

Physios warn pregnant women not to crunch like Michelle Bridges

Essential Baby Online  3 November 2015

You're injured and you can't train. Now what?

Ninemsn Coach Online  2 November 2015


Is soft sand running bad for your ankles?

Ninemsn Coach Online  28 October 2015

Aqua aerobics is safe in pregnancy, deems Aussie study

Ninemsn Coach Online  26 October 2015

Preparing for the long ride

Treadlie Magazine Online  14 October 2015

5 things sports physios wish you knew

Weight Watchers  12 October 2015

New physiotherapy treatment for incontinence after prostate cancer

Health Times Online  12 October 2015

Report unveils future of public physiotherapy services

Health Times Online  12 October 2015


Physios are top rate in emergency

Hobart Mercury Print  7 September 2015

7 ways to prevent back pain

The Carousel Online  7 September 2015

Tradies, take care!

Reece Online  2 September 2015

Jarrod, 17, crafts a healthy work attitude

The Gympie Times Online  1 September 2015


Ben's a bright spark about staying fit for work

Warwick Daily News Online  29 August 2015

Tradies time to take better care of themselves

2ST Online  27 August 2015

Warning to tradies about work related injuries

The Chronicle Online – 27 August 2015

Ignore niggles at your peril, physios tell tradies during month-long national health campaign 

Mercury Online – 26 August 2015


Virtual reality treatment showing dramatic results for stroke sufferers

Ninemsn Online – 26 August 2015

Pain in the neck

612 ABC Brisbane Radio – 23 August 2015


Tradies Health Month is here

Master Builder Print – August 2015

Technology/virtual reality in rehabilitation

6PR Breakfast Radio – 20 August 2015

Physio's urging tradies to seek treatment sooner rather than later for injuries

Bunbury Mail Online/Print– 19 August 2015

Virtual reality energises stroke recovery

Aged Care Insite Print/Online – 18 August 2015

Worksite workouts: Why tradies need to step up

The Blue Room Bupa Online – 18 August 2015

Back Pain

Ninemsn Online– 17 August 2015

Tradies to pamper their pups 

The Geelong Advertiser Print – 11 August 2015
Tradies urged to limber up before they limbo down to beat injuries 
The Geelong Advertiser Print – 6 August 2015

Tradies' Health a stretch 

The Herald Sun Print – 6 August 2015

Use by dates for household goods 
Choice Magazine Online – 4 August 2015 

It's Tradies National Health Month
Yahoo 7 Online – 3 August 2015 

Tradies urged to get healthy
Yahoo 7 Online – 3 August 2015


Tradies Health Month Campaign kicks off Saturday with Shane Jacobson
Bandt Online – 31 July 2015

Common cycling pains and how to avoid them 
Cycle Traveller Print/Online – 30 July 2015

Grand entrance! Former Real Housewives star Andrea Moss returns to the screen wearing leather dress and heels in parody called The Real TRADIES Of Melbourne 
Daily Mail Online – 30 July 2015 

Tradies National Health Month 2015: treatment delay can turn into lasting pain
Illawarra Mercury Online – 30 July 2015  

Chronic pain
ABC Radio 702 James Valentine – 20 July 2015 

Five exercises office workers should do every day
Ninemsn Coach Online – 6 July 2015

Is yoga actually beneficial for you?
Techly Online – 3 July 2015


Flexibility tips from Cirque Africa's 'Snake Man'
Ninemsn Coach Online – 26 June 2015

World-first physiotherapy trial targets hip pain
HealthTimes Online – 24 June 2015

Your beloved skinny jeans could be damaging your health.
The Glow Online – 23 June 2015

Here's what you can do about 'cankles'
Ninemsn Coach Online – 22 June 2015

Confidential:A thought for the Tradies
The Daily Mail Online – 22 June 2015

The 2015 Annual Tradies National Health Month To Launch In August
B&T Magazine Online – 22 June 2015

Perth's Eliza statue kitted out for Men's Health Week
ABC News Online – 19 June 2015

When having a crack goes badly wrong
Townsville Bulletin Print – 13 June 2015

My big break on TV
The Courier-Mail Print – 13 June 2015

Ben's back in cracking good form
The Daily Telegraph (Sydney) Print – 13 June 2015

Alan Pearsall, Australia Overnight
3AW693, Western Australia 
Jo Milios, mens health radio interview

Barriers to participation
The Northern Daily Leader Online – 11 June 2015

Whiplash injuries a major cost
The Mercury Print – 09 June 2015

What the heck is PNF?
Coach Ninemsn Online – 01 June 2015


Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome study
SeniorAu Online – 28 May 2015

Your Pilates questions answered
Your Life Choices Online – 27 May 2015

Choosing the right mattress for the big bed
Herald Sun Online – 25 May 2015

Budget 2015: Nursing and allied health groups react
HealthTimes Online – 13 May 2015


The Western Australian Print – 28 April 2015

Health abstracts wanted for physiotherapy conference
HealthTimes Online – 21 April 2015            

The APA supports April No Falls
SeniorAu Online – 18 April 2015     

Physiotherapy vigilance urged on ice
HealthTimes Online – 14 April 2015            

Spinal surgery concerns
MJA Insight Online – 13 April 2015            


CommsCon winners
Mumbrella Online – 19 March 2015            

Physiotherapy in the emergency department
HealthTimes Online – 13 March 2015            

Transforming Health needs greater focus on physiotherapy: Interview with Marcus Dripps
ABC SA North and West: Mornings with Sarah Tomlinson Radio – 4 March 2015            

Calls for advanced physiotherapy roles in SA reforms
HealthTimes online – 3 March 2015            

The trend for post-birth corset and waste training
Essential Baby online - also syndicated to 142 other Fairfax publications including Newcastle Herald, Illawarra Mercury, The Daily Advertiser, The Border Mail and The Examiner – 1 March 2015        


Finalists revealed for CommsCon Awards
CommsCon online – 25 February 2015

Indigenous physiotherapist focuses on closing the gap
Health Times online – 17 February 2015            

Workers urged to act safely
International Coal News Internet – 18 February 2015            

Indigenous physiotherapist focuses on closing the gap
Health Times Internet – 17 February 2015            

Workers urged to act safely
ConstructionIndustryNews.net Internet – 16 February 2015            

The Feldenkrais Method for dummies
ABC Radio National - The Body Sphere Radio – 11 February 2015       

Sydney researchers reveal back pain secrets
Channel Nine News TV – 9 February 2015            

102 & doing 102 squats 102 year old completes 102 squats
New Idea magazine – 9 February 2015            

By the numbers: 20% of serious workplace-related injuries involve a tradesperson
News Ltd's CareerOne print – 7 February 2015            

A squat for every year
Channel 7 Sunrise TV – 6 February 2015            

Interview with Marcus Dripps on technology-related injuries among young people
ABC 720 Early Mornings Perth Radio with Glynn Greensmith radio – 6 February 2015            

Midwives key to improving mothers pelvic floor health
Nursing Careers Allied Health print and online – 5 February 2015            

Blind cricket a great experience for local physio
Parkes Champion-Post print and online – 4 February 2015            

8 tips for preventing long-term disability in workers
Electrical Connections print and online – 4 February 2015            


Cheap massages that could be doing you harm
A Current Affair TV– 29 January 2015            

Set for SUCCESS: Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) recommends backpacks weigh no more than 10 per cent of a child’s body weight
Daily Telegraph print – 31 January 2015          

Back to school: discounted bags that are bad for young backs
Sydney Morning Herald print and online. Also syndicated to the Canberra Times, Queensland Country Life, and The Age online – 28 January 2015          

Back to School tips - wearing a backpack and getting kids active
My Mum the Teacher online – 28 January 2015            

Avoid back-breaking school bags
Kids on the Coast online – 26 January 2015            

Physiotherapy back to school tips
Radio interviews with APA National President Marcus Dripps on school backpacks on: 4wk Toowoomba; River 949 Brisbane; 92.5 ABC Central Coast; 2DU Central West NSW – 21-23 January 2015            

Meet the Boss: Physio chief Cris Massis
The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Brisbane Times and WA Today online – 20 January 2015            

Working remote as a physiotherapist
Nursing Careers Allied Health online – 17 January 2015            

Nurses and physios applaud move to abandon Medicare rebate cut
Nursing Careers Allied Health online – 15 January 2015            

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