The APA has an extensive awards program incorporating student awards, national group awards, trustee prizes and individual state branch awards.

Honoured Members

The Association awards 'Honoured Member' status to individuals who have excelled in their area of specialisation and who have made important contributions to the profession.

Awards for Professional Excellence (APE)

The APE is a program introduced by the APA to celebrate the commitment and outstanding achievements of its members and reward volunteers for their contribution to the APA. The program is administered by each state branch and awards are presented for achievements including:
• contribution to the promotion of the profession
• contribution to the Association by a recent graduate
• contribution to an APA group or state branch
• contribution to physiotherapy research.

Trustee Prizes

Trustee prizes are bestowed to members as a result of bequests left to the APA.

Felice Rosemary Lloyd Trust (VIC)

Student Awards

Merit-based student awards are for best results in academic study in a field of physiotherapy. Each university has its own awards program and the APA state branches and national groups support these by awarding gifts in in several categories.

National Group Awards

A number of our 14 national groups offer research grants and prizes to members who have made a substantial contribution to a particular area of interest.

APA National Paediatric Group  - Yvonne Burns Award

APA Student Network - Board of Director's Student Prize

APA National Cardiorespiratory Group - Nicole Turney Memorial Grant