Honoured Members

Criteria for APA Honoured Membership

The title of Honoured Member is bestowed upon members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association who have made an outstanding contribution to the physiotherapy profession.

The nominee must have gained significant recognition outside the local confines of the profession, have had substantial long-term influence on the development of physiotherapy and made a contribution which is outstanding in the workplace, within the Association and the profession and be recognised by the community.

Nomination of such persons is made by members of the Association and the nominee elected to the position of Honoured Member by the vote of the Board of Directors.

The APA honours two of the profession's biggest names

The APA Board announced late last year that it had granted honoured membership to APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist David Butler and Dr Lorimer Moseley, FACP, for their respective outstanding contributions to the physiotherapy profession. Read about their contributions in InMotion.


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1984 Elma Casely
1984 Claire Deverson
1984 Melville Furness
1984 Doreen Moore
1984 Isobel Shaw
1986 Patricia Cosh
1988 Phyllis Hawkin
1988 Margaret Nayler
1989 Beatrice Burke
1989 Elizabeth Fussell
1989 Beryl Haynes
1989 Margaret Mack 
1992 Jeanne-Marie Ganne
1992 Marie Hammond
1992 Geoffrey Maitland
1993 Yvonne Burns
1994 Lance Twomey
1995 Margaret Bullock
1998 Joan Cole
1998 Robyn Cupit
1998 Dorothy Jewell
1998 Sandra Mercer Moore 
2000 Doreen Bauer
2000 Anne McCoy
2001 Elizabeth Ellis
2002 Colleen Liston
2002 Patricia Trott
2004 Brian Edwards
2005 Gwendolen Jull
2006 Ruth Grant
2008 Joan McMeeken
2009 Prudence Galley
2009 Catherine Nall 
2010 Robert Elvey
2011 Gillian Webb 
2012 Max Zusman
2013 Roberta Shepherd
2013 Janet Carr
2013 Paul Hodges
2014 Helen Whitelock-Bishop
2014 Lorimer Mosely
2014 David Butler