Corporate Partners

Why would you not?

A partnership with the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) will place your brand or product in front of our 24 500 members. Increase your brand awareness, create business opportunities amongst our members and distinguish your product from its competitors within the consumer landscape.

Download the APA and Corporate Partnership overview document for further information and contact details.

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Endorsed product partners

Products that are considered for APA endorsement need to go through the following process to ensure they are worthy of having the APA endorsement. This is to ensure consumers understand they have been through a review process.

Here's the process:

The interested party submits an APA developed application form that the APA reviews and will either approve or reject. If approved, the APA will gather the following documents:

  • TGA certification
  • any evidence/research information
  • any current studies
  • marketing collateral and samples of the proposed product.

An appointed Specialist Physiotherapist will then review and test the product against the supplied information to ensure compliance and provide a report. The APA will only move forward once a report is forwarded by the physio and they recommend the endorsement. The APA will then negotiate an agreement with the interested party.

Braces and supports Primary PhysioPak III
PhysioPak 10
Serta mattress
Miracoil mattress

School shoes Lethal football boots Safety work boots Compression garments


Baby carriers  Classics collection  HipSaver   Sanctband resistance band  

 Digital moist heat pad Stick-on heat pads  Physiotherapy related publications   Back pain relief products  

Online prescribed exercises
Water based core product Document holder and writing platform  Latex pillows
Therapillo memory foam pillows