InPublic 2025: What will public physiotherapy services look like in 2025?

Public physiotherapy services span a broad range of care organisations and settings, ranging from Australia’s largest public hospitals to small remote health centres. More than one-third of physiotherapists are employed in the public health system, while a significant proportion of physiotherapy graduates continue to gain their first experience of clinical work in a public health service. Public physiotherapy services lead clinical teaching of physiotherapy students and clinical research. Nous estimates that public funding for public physiotherapy services in 2012-13 was approximately $480m, or 0.3% of the total health budget.

Building on the work of InPractice 20252, the APA commissioned the Nous Group (Nous) to conduct a complementary exploration of the future trends which will impact public physiotherapy services to answer the question, “What will the public physiotherapy Service of the Future look like in 2025?”

In commissioning this report the APA sought to:

  • Provide insights to the profession and its key stakeholders to guide strategic and workforce planning.
  • Inform future development and growth of the profession in the public health system.
  • Shape APA’s activities and professional development programs to enable future growth of the profession.

The scope of this report focuses on physiotherapy in Australia’s public healthcare system (‘public physiotherapy’). We acknowledge the involvement of the InPublic 2025 Project Reference Group, the APA members, staff, Executive and Board, and all stakeholders who have generously contributed to the discussions and provided input to the development of the final report.


InPublic 2025