About Us

The Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) supports the physiotherapy profession by promoting, encouraging and supporting research that advances physiotherapy knowledge and practice.


The PRF aims to:

Boost the careers of new researchers through our seeding grants

Support research in key areas through our tagged grants

Encourage academic excellence through our university prizes

The PRF was established in 1988 as a charitable trust. The corporate trustee of the Foundation is Physiotherapy Research Foundation Pty Ltd; the Directors of which are nominees from the Australian Physiotherapy Association Board.

The trust deed enables the Foundation to support a range of physiotherapy research initiatives and physiotherapy research-related initiatives. These initiatives include seeding grants for clinical research projects, tagged grants for research in a defined area of physiotherapy practice, grants that support the integration of research evidence into clinical practice, grants for non-clinical research, and grants to promote physiotherapy research.

The PRF is overseen by a management committee of physiotherapists with significant experience in both clinical practice and research. The PRF’s grant programmes operate under the guidance of a grants review committee comprised of physiotherapists currently working in leading research institutions across Australia. The grants review committee assesses each grant application against a set of criteria and provides recommendations for funding to the management committee.

The PRF is unique in that it is funded largely by donations from practicing physiotherapists, providing the opportunity for practitioners to directly contribute to the research which informs their practice. Donations from APA members comprise approximately half of the PRF’s annual budget. The APA subsidises the administrative costs of the PRF to maximise the funds that can be directly allocated to research-related projects. Further funding comes from organisations, businesses and philanthropy. The financial statements of the PRF are reported separately in the annual report of the APA and are not included in the APA's consolidated financial statements.