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Established in 1954, Journal of Physiotherapy is the official journal of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. The APA's vision is for the Journal to be the pre-eminent international publication of the science and practice of physiotherapy, and to deliver high-quality research in a fast-paced, technologically driven environment.

In January 2014, Journal of Physiotherapy became the first of the core physiotherapy journals to adopt a digital open-access model. All of the Journal’s original research papers and editorials are made freely available online from the day of publication.

APA members can register for content e-alerts and order print copies (for a small fee) via the member access link above (APA members only).

The January 2016 issue contains original research covering a range of clinical areas. February ‪‎InMotion provides a content overview from Scientific Editor Associate Professor Mark Elkins, APAM, including an invited topical review of physiotherapy rehabilitation for spinal cord injury provided by Professor Lisa Harvey, APAM, from the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research at the Kolling Institute in Sydney. Dr Maayken van den Berg and colleagues report their randomised trial involving inpatients undergoing geriatric and neurological rehabilitation. The randomised trial by Carla Nooijen and colleagues from the Netherlands returns to the topic of spinal cord injury. It identifies a behavioural intervention that increases physical activity in people after spinal cord injury.

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