The Physiotherapy Research Foundation

The Physiotherapy Research Foundation (PRF) supports the physiotherapy profession by promoting, encouraging and supporting research that advances physiotherapy knowledge and practice.

The PRF aims to:

Boost the careers of new researchers through our seeding grants
Support research in key areas through our tagged grants
Encourage academic excellence through our university prizes

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2014 PRF Seeding Grant Winners

The Directors of the PRF Corporate Trustee are pleased to announce that the following APA members have been awarded Seeding Grants for the 2014 funding round:

  • Kim Allison (VIC) – $9,089.00
    Project Title: Biomechanical & neuromuscular impairments in individuals with Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome
  • Nicole Sheers (VIC) – $10,000.00
    Project Title: Lung Volume Recruitment in Neuromuscular Disorders: Can breath-stacking manoeuvres improve lung function, respiratory symptoms and quality of life in people with neuromuscular conditions?
  • Jason Rogers (TAS) – $10,000.00
    Project Title: Clinical, metabolic and imaging prognostic factors in chronic plantar heel pain: a 12 month longitudinal follow-up study

Read more about these projects.

PRF Tagged Grants now open

The Physiotherapy Research Foundation is pleased to announce the call for applications for 2014 tagged grants.

Research funding is available for:

• 1 x $10,000 Grant from the Jill Nosworthy Bequest
• 1 x $20,000 Physiotherapy Board of Western Australia Research Grant

Applicants for grants must be members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and meet the criteria specified in the general guidelines for PRF tagged grants as well as the special criteria for the relevant grant.

The closing date for applications is Monday, 29 September 2014 at 5.00pm AEST

Applications and guidelines:

PRF tagged grants – general guidelines
Special criteria for the 2014 Jill Nosworthy Grant
Special criteria for the 2014 PRBWA Grant
Application form – 2014 PRF Tagged Grant

Further Information:

For further information please contact the Physiotherapy Research Foundation on (03) 9092 0852 or email

About the PRF

The PRF supports the physiotherapy profession by promoting, encouraging and supporting research that advances physiotherapy knowledge and practice.
High quality research contributes to the scientific evidence base that can inform physiotherapy practice.

Research into the efficacy of physiotherapy has also played an increasingly major role when advocating and lobbying for physiotherapists to governments, industry and the general public.
The PRF offers grants to both experienced and inexperienced or new researchers engaging research in specific interest areas of physiotherapy, physiotherapy education and professional practice. All grants applications undergo a rigorous assessment process managed by the Grants Review Committee.

To date, the PRF has granted over $1 million to physiotherapy researchers. A recent review found that 92 per cent of grant recipients have subsequently presented their research findings at a conference; 74 per cent have received further research funding and 67 per cent have had their results published.


The PRF was established in 1988 as a charitable trust. The corporate trustee of the Foundation is Physiotherapy Research Foundation Pty Ltd; the Directors of which are the National President and National Vice President of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

The trust deed enables the Foundation to support a range of physiotherapy research initiatives and physiotherapy research-related initiatives. These initiatives include seeding grants for clinical research projects, tagged grants for research in a defined area of physiotherapy practice, grants that support the integration of research evidence into clinical practice, grants for non-clinical research, and grants to promote physiotherapy research.

The financial statements of the PRF are reported separately in the annual report of the APA and are not included in the APA's consolidated financial statements. The APA subsidises the administrative costs of the Foundation to maximise the funds that can be directly allocated to research-related projects.

Make a donation

Donations to the Physiotherapy Research Foundation benefit the individual researchers and the physiotherapy profession as a whole.

How to make a donation:

• Complete and return the donation form
• With your annual APA membership renewal
• With payments for professional development courses
• Contact the PRF Manager personally to discuss bequests or one-off donations.

The PRF welcomes enquiries from corporate donors.

Physiotherapy Research Foundation
Level 1, 1175 Toorak Road, Camberwell VIC 3124
Postal Address: PO Box 437, Hawthorn BC VIC 3122
Tel: (03) 9092 0888
Fax: (03) 9092 0877

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Applying for a grant

The PRF offers two types of grants:

Seeding grants are for new researchers working on new or established research projects. Applications for these grants open early in the year.

Tagged grants are for researchers working on new or established research projects in a specific area of physiotherapy using ‘tagged’ funds. Applications for these grants open mid-year.

The call for applications, information for applicants and application forms for each round will be available on this page. An announcement for the opening of each round will also be made in the APA’s InMotion publication.

For more information please contact the PRF via email at

Past successful grants

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