find a physioChange to muscles, ligaments and joints during and after pregnancy affect the whole body. Physiotherapists help women manage these changes, providing expert care and advice during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.


When preparing for childbirth and parenthood, women and their partners benefit from learning a range of physical techniques and coping skills.

Physiotherapists have the expertise to teach these skills, which include positioning, rhythmic movement, massage, relaxation and breathing awareness.

Physiotherapy can help lessen following symptoms that are sometimes experienced during pregnancy or before and after childbirth:

  • back and neck pain
  • abdominal muscle weakness
  • breast problems
  • unlike antidepressants, exercise in not chemically addictive.
  • incontinence and prolapse

With expert assessment, treatment and instruction in self-help techniques, physiotherapists can help women prevent or reduce those problems.

If you are pregnant and want to learn more about how physiotherapy can help you, it is important that you have your condition assessed by a physiotherapist.