Physiotherapists are required by the Physiotherapy Board of Australia to continually upgrade their professional knowledge and skills to ensure the contribution they make to healthcare is of the highest standard.
To encourage members to participate in appropriate professional development activities, the APA has maintained a system of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) since 1999, which is a requirement for all members.

Objectives of the CPD program

• To promote and assist in the continuing professional development of APA members
• To recognise the professional development achievements of members
• To demonstrate to external bodies the commitment of APA members to achieving the highest standards of professional practice
• To provide a professional development framework for those wishing to participate in the APA Specialisation Program.

Requirements of the CPD program

The APA CPD program requires members to accrue a minimum of 20 hours of CPD every year. One hour of professional development activity can be recorded as one hour of CPD. This program replaces the old points-based system. Activities which are accredited through the APA System of Course Accreditation earn participants one hour, per hour. Goal setting and planning of professional development activities are also key aspects of the program.

APA system of course accreditation

All courses that are conducted under the auspices of the APA are required to be accredited under the APA system of Course Accreditation. All courses that are APA accredited have met quality standards relating to:
• the rationale for the course
• the definition of the target audience
• prerequisite learning
• objectives and expected outcomes
• content
• evaluation
• follow up activities.
Courses being run by external providers may apply for APA accreditation, under the same stringent criteria.

Compliance with the CPD program

Members are strongly encouraged to use a learning portfolio to document professional development goals, record professional development activities and evaluate the progress of their learning. Formal portfolios enable members to readily demonstrate compliance with the APA's CPD scheme when they are audited.

The APA has aligned its CPD requirements with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia. Please see "Guidelines on Continuous Professional Development" from the Physiotherapy Board of Australia for further details.

Planning and recording CPD activities

The APA provides all members with a Professional Development Portfolio to assist in planning and recording their CPD activities. This may also be accessed through the APA website. In acknowledging that learning can occur in different ways, other than attending formal courses, the Professional Development Portfolio emphasises the variety of professional development activities that are appropriate.

Viewing your CPD activities

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