2018 International Master Class Series

An intimate learning experience with the world’s best


Rodney Whiteley, QATAR

The naked truth of lower limb musculoskeletal pain: what you really need to know about the latest practice and research questions.


Rod is a specialist sports physiotherapist who previously worked in private practice, predominantly in rugby and baseball. For the last 7 years, he has been working in football and a range of other sports in the Middle East. His PhD was in the area of throwing and throwing-related injury, but since moving to the Middle East he has worked to better understand aspects of other areas of sports physiotherapy including muscle injury treatment, and the role of musculoskeletal screening to examine injury and performance. His primary clinical and research aims surround the areas of finding out what does and doesn’t work in physiotherapy in terms of assessment, treatment, and injury prevention. While he’s done a fair bit of research in this area, he readily admits that there’s far more to be discovered than has been shown to date, and this is his current and future focus.


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