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The Australian College of Physiotherapists was inaugurated in 1971 and the first Fellowships were conferred on members of the APA on the submission of Monographs or Theses.

In 1981, the College became the body within the APA to award a second type of Fellowship, Fellowship by Specialisation, the first of which were granted in 1984.

In 2006, the College and the APA undertook an extensive review of the process of Specialisation. The outcome of the review was a model that provided a career pathway for physiotherapists from graduation (Tier 1), to Titled Membership (Tier 2) and to Fellowship by Specialisation (Tier 3).

Fellowship of the Australian College of Physiotherapists

Fellowships of the Australian College of Physiotherapists are national awards that are granted to members of the APA in recognition of high standards of clinical skill and scholarship.
The two avenues by which physiotherapists can gain a Fellowship of the Australian College of Physiotherapists are Original Contribution and Specialisation.

Fellowship by Original Contribution

This includes submission of an original contribution in the form of a thesis or published works. Download the Information Pack and Application Form.

Fellowship by Specialisation

Following attainment of titled membership, a physiotherapist can become an Associate Member of the College as a candidate for specialisation and embark on the training program.

This stage requires at least two additional years of clinical practice in the specialisation sub-discipline. Candidates will undertake a period of formal training facilitated by a Fellow of the College in the specialty sub-discipline to further develop their knowledge base and specialist expertise. The candidate will engage in facilitated clinical training and will be required to provide evidence of quality practice.

The candidate will also demonstrate professional leadership through: contributions to education of students or peers; a commitment to lifelong learning; and further professional development and participation in and support of research activity.

On completion of this program, candidates may present for the final examinations on the recommendation of their facilitator. Final examinations allow qualification for Fellowship of the College and the title of Specialist Physiotherapist. Examinations run over a two-day period and require demonstration of specialist-level skills by the candidate to be nominated Fellows of the College Examining Panel.

Specialisation can be obtained in several sub-disciplines of physiotherapy, see the Specialists in each discipline by clicking below:
Continence & Women’s Health
• Musculoskeletal
Occupational health

Download 2018 Training Program Manual

Download the 2018 application form now. Please note applications will only be accepted on the 2018 application form.

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College Regulations

The Australian College of Physiotherapists operates under a set of Regulations that are officially approved by the APA Board of Directors. 


Trainees and facilitators of the two-year training program may be guided by the Australian College of Physiotherapists policies and procedures. These are available in appendix 11 of the 2018 Training Program Manual

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