Position Statements

The APA releases position statements on topics and issues relevant to physiotherapists and their clients. Our position statements are developed in consultation with members, who are represented by the APA National Advisory Council. All position statements are assessed and approved by the APA Board of Directors prior to publication.

Health and Wellbeing of Children and Young People
Advertising of Physiotherapy
Ageing Australian Workforce
Baby Walkers 
Children with Mild to Moderate Physical Disabilities in Schools 
Chronic Disease and Physiotherapy 
Climate Change
Clinical Governance 
Health Records 
Indigenous Health 
Infection Control
Mental Health 
Pain Management 
Physiotherapy Commerce 
Physiotherapy for People with Disability 
Primary Health Care and Physiotherapy
Provision and Access to Aids and Equipment for People with Disabilities 
Rural and Remote Australia
Scope of Practice
Skin Penetration
Supporting Older Australians
Telerehabilitation and Physiotherapy
The physiotherapist's role in occupational rehabilitation
Transition of Young People with a Chronic Health Condition to Adult Health Services
Working with a Physiotherapy Assistant or Other Support Worker


Position statements are prepared having regard to general circumstances, and it is the responsibility of the practitioner to have express regard to the particular circumstances of each case, and the application of this statement in each case. In particular, clinical management must always be responsive to the needs of individual patients, resources, and limitations unique to the institutions or type of practice. Position statements have been prepared having regard to the information available at the time of their preparation, and the practitioner should therefore consider any information, research or material which may have been published or become available subsequently.
While the APA endeavours to ensure that statements are as current as possible at the time of their preparation, it takes no responsibility for matters arising from changed circumstances or information or material which may have become available subsequently.