Tradies National Health Month aims to raise awareness of the risks posed to those who work in trade occupations. Our focus is talking to individuals, their families, employers and the wider community.

While we’ve seen improvements, Australia’s trade industry continues to have among the highest health and safety issues of any sector. Time off work due to poor health and injury has a significant impact on business, communities, the health system and the economy—and this impact will grow if we don’t take steps to change behaviour.

This year we are calling on employers—as well as tradies and physiotherapists— to get behind Tradies National Health Month and spread the message from the top down. The APA is urging employers and unions of trade occupations to prioritise their employees’ health now and into the future.

Tradies’ health must be everyone’s priority—this month, all employers, physiotherapists and tradies have the chance to get involved.

Physiotherapy has more than just tradies’ backs

From musculoskeletal support, physiotherapists extend their care into chronic health impacts, like heart disease and diabetes, and the lesser-known pelvic floor issues men face. Physiotherapists are experts in helping to reduce the alarmingly common health and safety issues affecting tradies’ health.

How you as a physiotherapist can get involved

Get involved by organising a physiotherapy-led health site visit. This is a great way to seek out new work opportunities, build relationships and embed physiotherapy in workplace culture. Choose from:

Package 1: Fitness for work assessment (free workplace consultation)

This is a free-of-charge worksite assessment. Here you can:

  • provide manual handling tips
  • stretches and injury prevention/management techniques
  • raise awareness and knowledge about workplace safety and injury prevention
  • highlight benefits of seeing a physiotherapist for long-term health outcomes

Package 2: Workplace risk assessment (ongoing package arranged with employer)

Talk to employers about setting up an ongoing paid package with you. Tailored to their employees’ needs, you can arrange a regular workplace assessment to ensure the health and safety of their tradies on a long-term basis. These can be negotiated between you and the employer.

Download the 'Get heard' toolkit for media pointers, a template media release, social media tips and a letter template on how to engage with a tradie employer.

Be part of the movement and use the hashtag #tradieshealth #dontignorethepain

Visit the Tradies YouTube Channel for more video content or for more information on how you can spread the word.



All APA members will receive an A3 poster for their practice in the August edition of InMotion.


Your local APA branch has posters and merchandise for you to take to your site visits. Please contact them to arrange collection in July.

Kyal and Kara love Tradies National Health Month

TheBlock favourites Kara Demmrich, APAM, a physiotherapist, and her husband Kyal Demmrich, a carpenter, are excited about Tradies National Health 
Month and will be continuing to support the campaign.

Dave Hughes for Tradies National Health Month 2014


Do you live with body aches and pains?

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