Queensland Election

The Australian Physiotherapy Association represents more than 3300 Queensland physiotherapists and over 16700 Australia wide. Physiotherapists work across the whole spectrum of the health sector, including public/private hospitals and clinics, community health and private practices. Physiotherapists also work in specialist areas including neurology, women’s health, paediatrics, cardiorespiratory, rehabilitation and musculoskeletal.

Our members have identified the priority areas for physiotherapy, and are seeking commitments on these issues from the Liberal National Party, the Australian Labor Party and the Greens as a component of our 2015 Queensland election advocacy. 

Election Update

We recently received responses from the relevant spokespeople, please click to download

APA Queensland Election Advocacy

The issues and their corresponding questions are as follows:


Recognition of Skills and Training

Q. Will your party support direct referrals to selected medical specialist services?

Q. Will your party support in principle limited prescribing rights for appropriately credentialed physiotherapists?

Greater Support for Physiotherapy in Rural and Remote Queensland

Q. Will your party provide greater support for physiotherapy in rural and remote Queensland?



Public Sector Services and Conditions

Q. Is your party committed to supporting better planned service programs that allow longer contract terms, sufficient remuneration and conditions that will encourage recruitment and retention of skilled practitioners to Queensland Health?

Q. Will your party continue with the current allowances that support public health sector physiotherapists and commit to reviewing conditions to encourage further continued education opportunities?

Advanced and Extended Scope of Practice for Physiotherapists

Q. How will your party work with the Hospital and Health Services to ensure further investment in the cost effective advanced and extended practice physiotherapy roles in Specialist Outpatients and Emergency Departments in order to improve patient outcomes, access to services and better manage waiting lists?

Q. How your party work with the Hospital and Health Services to better support the physiotherapy workforce to undertake the necessary education and training required for advanced and extended practice roles? Specifically, what short and long term education support strategies will be implemented to ensure the benefits in service delivery of advanced and extended physiotherapy practice roles can be realised by Queenslanders?

Paediatric Health Conditions

Q. Will your party support the increased funding of community paediatric physiotherapists, thus decreasing hospital admissions and facilitating earlier discharge home?


Candidates contacted

The APA has sent the above questions along with an example of extended issues summary to the below candidates:

Liberal National Party - Honourable Campbell Newman
Australian Labor Party - Honourable Annastacia Palaszczuk
Queensland Greens - Charles Worringham
Health Minister Honourable Lawrence Springborg
Shadow Minister for Health Mrs Jo-Ann Miller