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The challenge: 30 moves in 30 days

Physiotherapists know the benefits of exercise, but it’s now time to get your patients onboard and reinforce the importance of moving.

Throughout November the APA will encourage physios to lead by example and move every day to motivate their patients. Moving more in our everyday life is crucial to reducing our risk of illness and preventing disease.

Taking up the Movember challenge of 30 moves in 30 days, the APA is encouraging physios to begin their appointments in November by completing any move with their patients or by suggesting ways to get moving.

We want physios to set an example and lead the way this Movember.

How to move it this Movember

Around the house

  • Do the ironing while you're watching TV
  • Now that it’s getting sunny, save $15 and wash your car by hand
  • Save some electricity and forgo your tumble dryer- hang out the washing and let nature dry your delicates!
  • At 6 o’clock its no longer dark; get outside and take your kids to the park.

In your workplace

  • Get off the train, tram or bus 2 stops earlier and walk the rest of the journey. If you can walk the whole way, give it a go.
  • Make a long term change in your office: talk to your boss about getting standing desks
  • Are you a ritual coffee drinker? Buy your morning coffee from the next café to get the extra steps into your day. You never know, the blend could be next level
  • Going out for lunch? Cut the lunch short and finish the chat whilst walking.

The great outdoors

  • Saturday sport is not just for your kids. Instead of watching in your car or on the sidelines, make this time your exercise time also. How many laps of the park can you do?
  • Struggling to fit in your social life and exercise into your busy schedule? Kill two birds with one stone: start up a social tennis or netball team.
  • Start up a canine clan. Get together your dog walking friends and make it a weekly event
  • Think you've ticked all the boxes? Do something you've never done before: aerial yoga, rock-climbing or hiking are waiting for you.

Get 'social' with Movember

Not sure which moves to make this Movember? Don't worry, the APA has your back. Every Sunday we will post seven moves to complete on each day of the coming week. Change starts small, so make a move every day in November.

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